Yulya Valuy, 1997, Novosibirsk

Yulya Valuy (Yulav) is an emerging multimedia artist from Siberia, currently working in Berlin.
Being born in Asian part of Siberia, they have experienced an influence of local Asian communities,
which has consequently grown into favoring Asian art technics and philosophy, superimposed on their native background.

Yulya has no art education, moreover began their art experience through street art and graffiti in the first place. Nevertheless, the educational part in their works is represented by their studies in "The Specialized Educational Scientific Center on Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology" in their hometown, which is also known as one of the main “spots” of Russian technological change. Yulya has always been fascinated by the latest and upcoming inventions in the world of science & technology, so their imagination is usually playing with, for example, quantum world, genetics or IT; elaborating on how these inventions influence the human behavior.

Their art can be seen mostly in Berlin, Saint Petersburg and their hometown, Novosibirsk, including such exhibitions as
“Endorphin Delusion” in GlogauAir, Berlin, several exhibitions and art events arranged by Goethe-Institut.

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